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Get Cultured In 4 Easy Steps

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There are many reasons a person may want to develop a cultured persona. Refining your taste and taking an interest in the world around you can make you more interesting to talk to. A wide base of knowledge can also help to boost your self-confidence. Here are four ideas you can try, if you'd like to become more cultured:

1. Keep up with current events.

Staying informed on current events is a fantastic way to become a good conversationalist. Subscriptions to your local newspaper are one affordable way to get your current news. Reading the paper while drinking your coffee or tea can be a relaxing addition to your morning routine. Alternatively, if you'd like to go paperless, the internet has a wide variety of news sites available. You can subscribe to a few and get daily updates in your email inbox.

2. Broaden your musical horizons.

There's more to good music than the popular new songs that play on the radio. Take the opportunity to explore some of the classics of jazz and classical music. Expose yourself to the music of some of the great composers, including Beethoven and Mozart. If you'd like to make an evening of it, look for jazz shows and classical music events in your city. Live music has an element of charm and freshness that can sometimes be lost through recordings. 

3. Take in some art.

Visit your local art museum to see some the classics, but don't stop there. Modern art has a lot to offer you as well. Keep track of local art galleries like Gallery Phillip to find out when their exhibits take place. Most galleries have a curator who selects new artists to show their work on a regular basis. Art openings can be a blast to attend, often featuring light appetizers, wine, and sometimes live music. Take a date to your local art gallery for a fun, low-key experience that's sure to impress.

4. Get into theatre.

Theatre is sometimes stereotyped as a pursuit for the stuffy and rich; however, watching plays can be a great experience for everyone. Many cities and towns have their own community theatre programs, which often put on classic productions at a very affordable price. Check to see if theatres in your area have dress rehearsal specials, where you can pay a discounted fee to see the play before opening night.

Immersing yourself in culture and history is one way you can broaden your horizons and learn more about the world that you live in. Exposing yourself to classical expressions of art and music will give you something to talk about with strangers at parties and at bus stops. This can allow you to make connections with others, helping you both personally and professionally.