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How To Display Stained Glass To Encourage Customer Sales

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As an art gallery owner and operator, you want to promote the items you keep in your gallery so your customers have ready access to them. Some of the art you carry, such as your paintings, abstract artwork, sculptures, and blown glass, is easy to display. Other art, such as stained glass pieces, can be harder to promote and keep on display so your clients can see them. When you have stained glass in your art gallery in particular, you want to move these pricey and sought-after pieces quickly so you can make a profit and keep your customers happy.

The way you display stained glass to encourage customer sales can mean the difference between happy clients and disgruntled clients. If you want to get the most out of your art gallery experience, consider these ways you can put your stained glass items on proper display for continued client growth.

Hang stained glass from the ceiling

Stained glass windows and inserts can be hung expertly from the ceiling of your art gallery. This type of display a great way to draw customer attention and let the vibrancy of the stained glass stand out so customers can view each piece independently and make a purchase as needed. It also allows the sunlight to penetrate the stained glass. The lovely designs of stained glass will allow your customers to make a purchase they can be happy about and will add a charming appeal to your art gallery at the same time.

Insert stained glass in your windows

Consider using some of the stained glass pieces as part of your art gallery's window designs. These are pieces you likely won't want to sell to your clients but will allow the designs you carry to stand out to the clients in general as they enter your store. Place a few of the stained glass window inserts in the main entry windows and doors of your art gallery and place a sign out front that explains to customers where they can find the remaining custom stained glass pieces within your store.

You can carry multiple stained glass windows in your art gallery in various sizes and price ranges so you reach a wider audience. In displaying these pieces in unique and engaging ways, you do your part to ensure your stained glass pieces will be purchased regularly and will help to promote your sales.

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